Eye of the Hurricane

90 DAYS TO LIVE—Rubin ‘Hurricane’ Carter
by Peter Thurling

It’s 2011. He calls us—he’s just been diagnosed—given 90 days to live.

He’s the Hurricane—provocative black outsider—famous for going to prison for three life times but managing to get out. 

Rubin the kid was violent from the start—stuttered helplessly; in and out of prison from the time he was 11. He understood he was born to fight; hitting out was his way “to cry without tears.”

He was prickly, flawed, a fighter for individual rights— every colour. 

He went to prison for triple racist murder. And he didn’t go alone – he took John Artis with him. John, just out of high school, saved his life.

We have the Hurricane’s remarkable journey in his own voice – from his first gang to last road trip. 

His story underlines how one reform school dropout can change—not only his own life but the lives of others in desperate need.

We’re driving into south Georgia where he picked cotton as a 7-year-old. We’re deep into Klu Klux Klan country. 

It’s a trip like no other. *****